30 May 2008

i bought a pilates dvd the other day so hopefully that will help me be fit!!! haha i kind of doubt it but i really enjoy pilates so maybe??? hmmm? i went running two days in a row and i was so sore on the third day so i'm really not fit right now. ick.
it's graduation season and so crazy. it's awfully hard to believe that two whole years have passed since i graduated from high school. where has all the time gone? but it's been good. really it has--the best two years of my life for reals. okay enough nostalgia.
good news= today is my first day off in like a month. hallelujah.

29 May 2008

hi! i don't have anything interesting to say. i just got home from sbux and now i'm going babysitting. well kidsitting really i suppose. what am i going to do when they move to california? i'll be so lonely without my second family? maybe i'll eventually move to socali. just maybe. okay i have to go. bye.
i learned today that i need spazzy people in my life!!!! haha. it sounds ridiculous but people with extra amounts of energy make me feel more energetic. does that make sense? argh.
oh and i'm reading Passion and Purity and it's a good book.

28 May 2008

so nice. image from starbucksstore.com

27 May 2008

look isn't this a nice anthropologie shirt? it's from a couple of seasons ago but still. this is the sort of thing that i'd love to sew. cute things. you know.

image from nikonusa.
i haven't really done anything crafty recently. ever since my last sewing project bombed i've been rather discouraged. i read this good book called Three Cups of Tea about one man's mission to fight terrorism with education in pakistan and afghanistan. it's not terribly well written but still it was good. and now i'm super excited to be reading elisabeth elliot's A Chance To Die!!! and i really like starbucks' new summer coffee, kopelani blend. i recommend it.
that's all folks. oh yes, also i'm in the dslr market. i'm so excited to have a nice camera soon!
maybe i'll find some nice photos to share???