31 August 2013

What Your Passions Say About You, from Desiring God: 
Apart from Christ, sinful and self-centered pleasures will lead us toward unimaginable pain and eternal judgment away from the presence of God. But in Christ, no matter how strong those old desires tug at you, your sins have all been paid for, you have been covered with God’s righteousness, and as a result of God’s saving grace you will find in yourself new desires that only God himself can satisfy

26 August 2013

The Mother of All Swear Words - from Jen Wilkin: 
In order to guard your child from acting on natural curiosity in a potentially harmful way, you must become the fountainhead of “forbidden knowledge”, starting with swear words and progressing to sex. You want to be the go-to when your child has a question. Don’t ask an internet filter service to be your first line of defense – attack the problem at its root by inviting your child into dialogue early and often about their questions concerning the forbidden, the embarrassing, the secret. Invite them to trust you as the most reliable and safe search engine they can consult when their curiosity on any topic is piqued.

05 August 2013

1. How to Look at Art: squint at it, flip it over, find the negative space, define the moment, re-construct it, let the artist guide your eyes, say what you see, use background knowledge, and THEN look at the label on the wall.