21 March 2009

the blood will never lose its power.

Please read this short devotional by Elisabeth Elliot. It is so good.

Is there any Christian who does not long for some special experience, vision, or feeling of the presence of God? This morning it seemed to me that unless I could claim such I was merely going through motions of prayer, meditation, reading; that the book I am writing on discipline will prove to be nothing but vanity and a striving after wind. The Lord brought yesterday's word to mind again with this emphasis: it is not any experience, no matter how exciting, not any vision, however vivid and dazzling, not any feeling, be it ever so deep that fits me for service. It is the power of the blood of Christ. I am "made holy by the single unique offering of the body of Jesus Christ" (Heb 10:10), and by his blood "fit for the service of the living God." My spiritual numbness cannot cancel that--the blood will never lose its power.

On another, entirely different subject, EVERYONE, it seems, is getting married.

15 March 2009


p.s. the sepia photo below is from becky hensman.


...are wonderfully good things to have and I'm so thankful for mine!
when I finished Bible college I feared that I'd never see my dearest friends for ages but God has been so unexpectedly good in that department. Bryn, Becky, Tess, Kelsey, Isabeau, Jenna; and blessing me with good friends here, too, like Kaity, Jess, Joiya! And then the prospect of seeing Buhe, Jessy, Sarah, Stephanie, Jen, Maria, Jess, and even more it's amazing! Why do I freak out and not trust that God knows my needs and has abundant provision. He knows me, He knows my frailty and my weaknesses. So my dear friends, thank you!!! I love you so much. xxx

07 March 2009


i've started this book (from the classics section at la libraire) called The Member of the Wedding. Which i of course selected because of the reference to any and all things wedding related. But unfortunately it's not terribly interesting and i've discovered typos which really set met off a book. I seem to have no luck finding a good book; either the one i select is graphically sexy (which God knows I don't need) or just plain boring, or poorly written or a combination of all three which is not to be bourne. Rubbish.
It snowed again tonight. This winter has been chock full of snow.
I remembered all over again that I am in love with hip-hop. Call me crazy, but I won't lie. I chauffered the children of the teacher I work with to her daughter's dance competition and so we sat through an hour and a half of dances and my favourite by far were the hip-hop ones. I've said I'll take tap lessons when I'm rich and have time on my hands and I think I'm adding hip-hop to that as well. haha!
God is good. I had this breaking moment one of my sick days this week and it was so good. I thought I would drown in tears and snot but God refreshed my soul in the middle of despair. Praise the Lord, who does all things well.
27 days till I return to the homeland and my two (or ten) bestest friends ever!