29 November 2008

another year

has gone by.
last year at thanksgiving i was in celje, slovenia. sick. puking. but it was so beautiful once i got better! and now erin and justin are married and i'm in york and tom and jen are getting married in the spring and everything changes...
but it's good. funny how when life isn't all about me, it's alright. oh that my eyes would just be on Jesus all the time, and that the truths of Scripture would be burned with passion into my heart. 
what did Nancy say? delighting in the Lord brings passion for the Lord. 

'though the fig tree may not blossom...yet i will rejoice in the Lord.'

08 November 2008

how great is our God.

oh my. 
tonight when we went street witnessing kim and i prayed the whole time--and it was really good! prayer is so powerful and i forget that all the time. i need a revolutionised prayer life for sure! 
'let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.'

02 November 2008

guess how good God is?
well He's better than you could ever guess.

anyhow. i'm doing homework now. actually i'm really taking a break from homework to be honest. but i'm enjoying my homework--which is a very good thing.