14 July 2009

Today (I think it was today, anyways) I was thinking about the verse where God says, 'I desire mercy more than sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.' So I was thinking about mercy vs. sacrifice and why God would desire mercy more; like okay let's get basic here, what's the difference? And I think the answer is that mercy involves relationship. Here's how I broke it down: It's easy enough to determine in my heart what involves a sacrifice and do it and get it done and look back at my sacrifice. However, mercy involves me in a relationship with someone else, because it means I'm having mercy on someone, showing mercy to someone. A sacrifice is independent, whereas mercy is dependent. And a huge thing that God keeps showing me is that our relationship with God is not in a box, nor is it strictly personal between me and God--it's meant to spill out into my relationships with everything, people, events, &c... And really, if I'm pursuing mercy in relationships, I'm going to end up sacrificing myself on the altar. Does that make sense?

08 July 2009

lookit how beautiful seattle is!
today i am...
making a quiche
going running
collaging with friends!
loving Jesus!