27 June 2008

this is the toaster that i use to make toast for the pb&j sandwich i have for breakfast pretty much every day.

22 June 2008

today i threw away lunch. or what was meant to be lunch. it was that gross.
and i made egg burritos instead because those are reliably yummy.
and i'm definitely still on the taking-loads-of-photos-because-they're-all-awful stage. :-)
grace and peace!

19 June 2008

praise the Lord.

my camera came!!! woot. but of course now i have got to wait for the battery to charge.
and my second family is moving away on monday and i'm so brokenhearted. why oh why oh why? i babysat for them today for the last time and i cried when i drove home.
but blessed be the name of the Lord.

14 June 2008

i bought my camera.
but online so it will take a bit to arrive, unfortunately.

13 June 2008

my mom is going away next week on outreach to omak, wa, with our church--so that means that i have/get to cook for my dad and i all next week. so far i have all these grand ideas for yummy food, like spanakopita and tikka masala and fish tacos--all the foods that i can't quite convince my mom to make. we'll see how that all turns out. hopefully well.
images from marthastewart.com


all images (and clothes) from anthropologie.

11 June 2008


yesterday and today my mom and i went to a couple of thrift stores/ charity shops. i'm not a huge fan of such places because there isn't so much nice stuff there. but i managed to find four shirts total, and i spent under 20 dollars. nice, huh? and one's a stripey top and i love stripes!
i still haven't bought my nikon though. soon soon soon. i'm so excited.


look at these marvellous images from toast uk.

09 June 2008

okay so i didn't know if i knew how to post a video but apparently i figured it out (see below).
isn't that crazy?
found via blackeiffel.

07 June 2008

i bought my flight to england this morning. hallelujah!!!! i'm coming home!!!

the other night i was watching Cinderella Man and i'd forgotten what a good movie that is. i don't really go out for boxing, but it's such a good story. i'm in the good movie mood.

i've been really encouraged by the book that i've been reading, A Chance To Die, about amy carmichael. encouraged and challenged for sure.