26 January 2009

i got a new....

praise the Lord. seriously i'm so excited about this. i'm going to be working in an after-school program, which is cool because it's a) regular hours, b) working with kids and c) not a restaurant!


this is well funny.

21 January 2009

bryn is

coming to seattle!
i'm so so so SO excited.
we're going to do everything. i don't really know what everything seattle constitutes but hopefully we'll find out, right? or maybe we'll just sit inside when it perpetually rains like seattle has a habit of doing. or i don't know. who knows?

among other things, i got a car. praise the Lord o my soul! i'm really very grateful.

'i try to be good enough but i'm nothing without Your love/ Saviour please, keep saving me.'

16 January 2009

star trek.

my dad won these at a christmas white elephant party.
i ate a whole pack and felt ill.

it's hard learning that being content in Jesus has nothing to do with circumstances. it's wonderfully true, but hard to learn practically. oh Lord.

09 January 2009


i blame jen for reminding me how much i love weddings.
photos from martha stewart, i don't remember and the knot.
my sister got me these alphabet stamps. they're a bit tedious but still loads of fun.

02 January 2009

abundant joy and exceeding generosity

you can only have these if your god is not money. so teaches mark driscoll.

it's a bit of a challenge to me, because i've been all sad because i haven't found a good job yet. but why should i be cast down if my God is alive and well and faithful in my life? betty, who do you serve? where's your home, this world or heaven?

i love good teaching. Jesus, thank You.