27 December 2008


this is the lovely lovely snow that graced our house!!!

and on our porch. look how much!

and what i did while it snowed all around outside. i like crocheting. it's quite fun. but i don't really know who to give this too. it's child-size, because that's faster.

26 December 2008

the last one is mysteriously missing a leg.

this is my desk. it's really messy. it's hard to get stuff done when it's really messy.

25 December 2008

christmas day two-thousand-eight

and i'm here.
today i read luke 1. i like mary. she's a cool girl. and i like john the baptist's job description in zacharias' song--i want to be like that too.

24 December 2008

make a wish...

it's Christmas Eve!

23 December 2008


this is from the snow.

this was me sitting in heathrow for hours. thankfully i'm home now.

22 December 2008

i graduated!

isn't this ring pretty?

19 December 2008

starbucks coffee is

not nearly as nice as the coffee from gatehouse. but i knew that already. i just remember today after having a gingersnap latte.
other than that... i'm in the job market again. woohoo. funfunfun i know right.
i'm going to go for a walk in the snow now before the darkness falls. and then i'm going to make some dinner for my daddy and me. and then i'm going to watch a film. is it really weird to be in a lord of the rings mood? because that's what i'm going to watch. and this Christmas i feel like keeping the tree for months. it's just so nice.
i like reading the Bible because then i know what to think. i know that i haven't been close to Jesus very well if i don't really know what to think.

18 December 2008

this one's for buhe.

home again.

and it's snowing. that makes me happy!

13 December 2008

i'm sick again. my last post was about being sick at thanksgiving and this post is about being sick at graduation. yep that's right. but it's all over now. well not the sickness but the graduating bit.