20 December 2012

1. This short film on adoption from the I Like Giving campaign, via Justin Taylor.

2. This article, Joy Comes to the Rescue, from Desiring God, about keeping our hearts.

3. This article from Ravi Zacharias in response to the tragedy at Newtown last week.

13 December 2012

1. Standing on Your Tiptoes, by Elyse Fitzpatrick. 
What I need to remember is that the Father didn’t spare his own Son, but gave him up for me. If he would do that, wouldn’t it stand to reason that he will grow me in the way I need to be grown, when I need to be grown? He’s already graciously given me everything I need to be pleasing in his sight. So I can rest in his work and wait for the fruit of it to appear in its season, in his time.  I can trust that even when I fail he’s using my failure to make me more like him–more humble, more dependent, and more thankful for grace.
2. On Stereotypes, Risk, and Jesus--Mark Driscoll interviews John Piper. 3. Just added Beasts of the Southern Wild to my film list after reading this review

02 December 2012

1. It's always someone's first Sunday at your church. Josh Reich: Resurgence.
2. New favourite song. "Only at Mars Hill can you turn a song about war into a song about Christmas."
3. New favourite album: Joy Has Dawned, by King's Kaleidoscope.