27 December 2008


this is the lovely lovely snow that graced our house!!!

and on our porch. look how much!

and what i did while it snowed all around outside. i like crocheting. it's quite fun. but i don't really know who to give this too. it's child-size, because that's faster.

26 December 2008

the last one is mysteriously missing a leg.

this is my desk. it's really messy. it's hard to get stuff done when it's really messy.

25 December 2008

christmas day two-thousand-eight

and i'm here.
today i read luke 1. i like mary. she's a cool girl. and i like john the baptist's job description in zacharias' song--i want to be like that too.

24 December 2008

make a wish...

it's Christmas Eve!

23 December 2008


this is from the snow.

this was me sitting in heathrow for hours. thankfully i'm home now.

22 December 2008

i graduated!

isn't this ring pretty?

19 December 2008

starbucks coffee is

not nearly as nice as the coffee from gatehouse. but i knew that already. i just remember today after having a gingersnap latte.
other than that... i'm in the job market again. woohoo. funfunfun i know right.
i'm going to go for a walk in the snow now before the darkness falls. and then i'm going to make some dinner for my daddy and me. and then i'm going to watch a film. is it really weird to be in a lord of the rings mood? because that's what i'm going to watch. and this Christmas i feel like keeping the tree for months. it's just so nice.
i like reading the Bible because then i know what to think. i know that i haven't been close to Jesus very well if i don't really know what to think.

18 December 2008

this one's for buhe.

home again.

and it's snowing. that makes me happy!

13 December 2008

i'm sick again. my last post was about being sick at thanksgiving and this post is about being sick at graduation. yep that's right. but it's all over now. well not the sickness but the graduating bit.

29 November 2008

another year

has gone by.
last year at thanksgiving i was in celje, slovenia. sick. puking. but it was so beautiful once i got better! and now erin and justin are married and i'm in york and tom and jen are getting married in the spring and everything changes...
but it's good. funny how when life isn't all about me, it's alright. oh that my eyes would just be on Jesus all the time, and that the truths of Scripture would be burned with passion into my heart. 
what did Nancy say? delighting in the Lord brings passion for the Lord. 

'though the fig tree may not blossom...yet i will rejoice in the Lord.'

08 November 2008

how great is our God.

oh my. 
tonight when we went street witnessing kim and i prayed the whole time--and it was really good! prayer is so powerful and i forget that all the time. i need a revolutionised prayer life for sure! 
'let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.'

02 November 2008

guess how good God is?
well He's better than you could ever guess.

anyhow. i'm doing homework now. actually i'm really taking a break from homework to be honest. but i'm enjoying my homework--which is a very good thing.

27 October 2008

i can't believe i write such silly things.
speaker's week was so good.
so good.

i was reading psalm 23 all week and it was so perfect. 'He restores my soul.' yeah He does!!! and then i came back home to york and freaked out because i had to be indoors and that was awfullllllll. i'm still going thru withdrawals.
and now like the rest of the students i've got loads of homework. but oh well. because i got to talk to people i love (like my roomie from hungary!) and i had a fun weekend in bradford and yeah.
oh my.
and and and i got to talk to brynnnnnnnnface and i love herrrrr.
and i'm just goofy so whatevs yo.

17 October 2008


i'm definitely feeling the need for quiet.
which is one reason i'm so very excited for speaker's week, next week.
another reason is that buhe and i are going to be in the same chalet. woot!

oooh for long walks with Jesus. for worship. teaching. listening.

oh Lord please teach me. help me, to get quiet time. and to get quiet time here as well--it's so hard to find the quiet i need, just to rest in You. to be a quiet place continuously. to live with a gentle and quiet spirit.

11 October 2008

sarah is [nearly] 21

looky it's us! sarah is 21 tomorrow so dave and nancy threw her an asian party with a rice krispy barbie cake. i like it here. hahaaha.....i'm out of words. sometimes i don't believe that i have 60,000 words to use each day because i definitely don't.

10 October 2008


i'm not really sure why i titled this 'thoughts' because that's kind of obvious.
so i was thinking last night about how witnessing to people forces me to think about what i believe and why i believe and the reality of my faith and even more importantly, the reality and the hugeness of how great God is and His amazing love and hope and grace. last night we did prison ministry and that's how i got started thinking about that, because i was talking to the guys in prison and they ask these questions and i have to stop and think about what i believe and stuff. so it's good. it was a blessing.
it's so good being here. seriously i don't even know how to say it. 

29 September 2008


lindsay brought me back a ring from israel! and i'm so happy about it. it says beloved in hebrew.

wait for me.

18 September 2008

promise boxes

so in women's d we all just made promise boxes. helen is really such a lovely girl. my box has loads of scrolls of promises all wound up and ready to read. and it's bursting with flower petals and really looks quite lovely and simple.
i'd love to go to israel.
God is so good.
please pray for me next week. i'm leading a team to mansfield and i covet your prayers.
grace and peace.

05 September 2008


hi my name is betsy and i'm in york right now and it's tucking it down. maybe that's now how it's said but whatever. it's lovely nonetheless. and we've already broken out the christmas music!!!
haha. well anyways i just thought i'd check in and let you know what's happening.

14 August 2008

i haven't quite mastered the art of linking. i still get this 'error trouble linking post' message sometimes. whatev.
look a photo.
i'm going to miss my starbucks partner beverage and markouts!!!

31 July 2008

i just watched a video of priscilla ahn singing. dang, she's good. found via black eiffel

27 June 2008

this is the toaster that i use to make toast for the pb&j sandwich i have for breakfast pretty much every day.

22 June 2008

today i threw away lunch. or what was meant to be lunch. it was that gross.
and i made egg burritos instead because those are reliably yummy.
and i'm definitely still on the taking-loads-of-photos-because-they're-all-awful stage. :-)
grace and peace!

19 June 2008

praise the Lord.

my camera came!!! woot. but of course now i have got to wait for the battery to charge.
and my second family is moving away on monday and i'm so brokenhearted. why oh why oh why? i babysat for them today for the last time and i cried when i drove home.
but blessed be the name of the Lord.

14 June 2008

i bought my camera.
but online so it will take a bit to arrive, unfortunately.

13 June 2008

my mom is going away next week on outreach to omak, wa, with our church--so that means that i have/get to cook for my dad and i all next week. so far i have all these grand ideas for yummy food, like spanakopita and tikka masala and fish tacos--all the foods that i can't quite convince my mom to make. we'll see how that all turns out. hopefully well.
images from marthastewart.com


all images (and clothes) from anthropologie.

11 June 2008


yesterday and today my mom and i went to a couple of thrift stores/ charity shops. i'm not a huge fan of such places because there isn't so much nice stuff there. but i managed to find four shirts total, and i spent under 20 dollars. nice, huh? and one's a stripey top and i love stripes!
i still haven't bought my nikon though. soon soon soon. i'm so excited.


look at these marvellous images from toast uk.

09 June 2008

okay so i didn't know if i knew how to post a video but apparently i figured it out (see below).
isn't that crazy?
found via blackeiffel.

07 June 2008

i bought my flight to england this morning. hallelujah!!!! i'm coming home!!!

the other night i was watching Cinderella Man and i'd forgotten what a good movie that is. i don't really go out for boxing, but it's such a good story. i'm in the good movie mood.

i've been really encouraged by the book that i've been reading, A Chance To Die, about amy carmichael. encouraged and challenged for sure.

30 May 2008

i bought a pilates dvd the other day so hopefully that will help me be fit!!! haha i kind of doubt it but i really enjoy pilates so maybe??? hmmm? i went running two days in a row and i was so sore on the third day so i'm really not fit right now. ick.
it's graduation season and so crazy. it's awfully hard to believe that two whole years have passed since i graduated from high school. where has all the time gone? but it's been good. really it has--the best two years of my life for reals. okay enough nostalgia.
good news= today is my first day off in like a month. hallelujah.

29 May 2008

hi! i don't have anything interesting to say. i just got home from sbux and now i'm going babysitting. well kidsitting really i suppose. what am i going to do when they move to california? i'll be so lonely without my second family? maybe i'll eventually move to socali. just maybe. okay i have to go. bye.
i learned today that i need spazzy people in my life!!!! haha. it sounds ridiculous but people with extra amounts of energy make me feel more energetic. does that make sense? argh.
oh and i'm reading Passion and Purity and it's a good book.

28 May 2008

so nice. image from starbucksstore.com

27 May 2008

look isn't this a nice anthropologie shirt? it's from a couple of seasons ago but still. this is the sort of thing that i'd love to sew. cute things. you know.

image from nikonusa.
i haven't really done anything crafty recently. ever since my last sewing project bombed i've been rather discouraged. i read this good book called Three Cups of Tea about one man's mission to fight terrorism with education in pakistan and afghanistan. it's not terribly well written but still it was good. and now i'm super excited to be reading elisabeth elliot's A Chance To Die!!! and i really like starbucks' new summer coffee, kopelani blend. i recommend it.
that's all folks. oh yes, also i'm in the dslr market. i'm so excited to have a nice camera soon!
maybe i'll find some nice photos to share???

28 April 2008

i don't really have anything to say. the last time i posted i tried to post a photo but it didn't work and hence the blank box in my last [blank] post. ha.

22 April 2008

hi. i just realised i started this blog and then never posted. woops.
well i don't really have anything special to say maintenant but oh well.
hi anyways!!!