27 October 2008

i can't believe i write such silly things.
speaker's week was so good.
so good.

i was reading psalm 23 all week and it was so perfect. 'He restores my soul.' yeah He does!!! and then i came back home to york and freaked out because i had to be indoors and that was awfullllllll. i'm still going thru withdrawals.
and now like the rest of the students i've got loads of homework. but oh well. because i got to talk to people i love (like my roomie from hungary!) and i had a fun weekend in bradford and yeah.
oh my.
and and and i got to talk to brynnnnnnnnface and i love herrrrr.
and i'm just goofy so whatevs yo.

17 October 2008


i'm definitely feeling the need for quiet.
which is one reason i'm so very excited for speaker's week, next week.
another reason is that buhe and i are going to be in the same chalet. woot!

oooh for long walks with Jesus. for worship. teaching. listening.

oh Lord please teach me. help me, to get quiet time. and to get quiet time here as well--it's so hard to find the quiet i need, just to rest in You. to be a quiet place continuously. to live with a gentle and quiet spirit.

11 October 2008

sarah is [nearly] 21

looky it's us! sarah is 21 tomorrow so dave and nancy threw her an asian party with a rice krispy barbie cake. i like it here. hahaaha.....i'm out of words. sometimes i don't believe that i have 60,000 words to use each day because i definitely don't.

10 October 2008


i'm not really sure why i titled this 'thoughts' because that's kind of obvious.
so i was thinking last night about how witnessing to people forces me to think about what i believe and why i believe and the reality of my faith and even more importantly, the reality and the hugeness of how great God is and His amazing love and hope and grace. last night we did prison ministry and that's how i got started thinking about that, because i was talking to the guys in prison and they ask these questions and i have to stop and think about what i believe and stuff. so it's good. it was a blessing.
it's so good being here. seriously i don't even know how to say it.