23 November 2012

20 November 2012

From Trevin Wax:
We will never be effective missiologically if the main source of our energy is spent rooting out every sinful tendency we have in our hearts. There is no end to discovering our depravity. The paradoxical truth is that the more we rest in the goodness of our Savior, the more progress we make in our fight against sin.

04 November 2012

I should re-name this blog 'What I'm reading now that I don't want to forget'.

1. 'Four ways to pray the gospel over your life' by JD Greear. These are stellar. Regarding number three ('Your presence and approval are all I need today for everlasting joy'): 'It’s one thing to know that Jesus is your possession; it’s another for that approval to have such weightiness in our hearts that our captivity to other idols is snapped.'

2. 'Be stressed out and do not sin' by Jonathan Parnell. 'God's unfailing love for me in Jesus reaches down into the details of my life and wields them for my good.... I can bank on the fact that he's got all this under control. And that makes me a different person.'

03 November 2012

From Taryn Clark: 'This is what I do' --her account of life in the aftermath of Sandy. "Someone asks me why all of us are doing this and I tell him, 'Because we’re the church. We’re followers of Christ, doing His work. This is how we live our faith.'"

01 November 2012

1. 'Seven Practical Steps to Cultivate a Heart For the Lost' from John Piper posted by Justin Taylor. Good stuff yo.
2. 'Two Ways the Gospel Changes Your View of Sin'. Tim Keller. Resurgence.