29 June 2011

half-way-thru-the-year list

This list from Fabs Harford of questions to wrestle with now that July is upon us.
1. What has your interaction with God looked like so far this year?
2. If someone who didn’t know you tracked your schedule this year, what would they say are your top priorities?
3. If someone who didn’t know you tracked your spending this year, what would they say are your top five priorities?
4. How have your words reflected your heart this year? ('Ask someone what you talk about most.' !!!)
5. What do you want the next 6 months of your life to look like?

'we don't want to live at second hand'

This message from desiringGod is timely and helpful. i listen to a lot of good teaching podcasts and read a lot of meaty books but the truth is that people will know i am a christian by my love, not by my big head. it's also easy to live off the faith of someone else rather than dig down deep in God's word for myself. oh Lord, plant Your truths deep in my heart and work them out in my life. do whatever You must to cut away the blindness and callouses on my eyes, that i may SEE.

25 June 2011

psalm 147:4

Go here and check this out. Sorry i don't know how to import the whole thing here, but i can point you in the right direction!!!

24 June 2011

I think one may be quite rid of the old haunting suspicion—which raises its head in every temptation—that there is something else than God, some other country into which he forbids us to trespass, some kind of delight which he ‘doesn’t appreciate’ or just chooses to forbid, but which would be real delight if only we were allowed to get it.

The thing just isn’t there. Whatever we desire is either what God is trying to give us as quickly as he can, or else a false picture of what he is trying to give us, a false picture which would not attract us for a moment if we saw the real thing. . . . He knows what we want, even in our vilest acts. He is longing to give it to us. . . .

The truth is that evil is not a real thing at all, like God. It is simply good spoiled. . . . You know what the biologists mean by a parasite—an animal that lives on another animal. Evil is a parasite. It is there only because good is there for it to spoil and confuse.

—C. S. Lewis, They Stand Together: The Letters of C. S. Lewis to Arthur Greeves (1914-1963), ed. Walter Hooper (New York, 1979), p. 465. Italics original.

from Justin Taylor.

20 June 2011

win a trip to paris!

so jordan ferney of oh happy day is hosting a giveaway for a seven-day trip to paris on her blog. and of course i entered. hello! you too, can enter here. bonne chance!


finally. done. with. last. quarter. of. community. college.
got my AA. got into UW!!!! (praise God!)
now it can be sunny and wonderful all the time. haha.
i took the last couple weeks off in order to focus on hw, sorry if you missed me (anybody?).

10 June 2011

i would really like for this to come to seattle.