17 October 2008


i'm definitely feeling the need for quiet.
which is one reason i'm so very excited for speaker's week, next week.
another reason is that buhe and i are going to be in the same chalet. woot!

oooh for long walks with Jesus. for worship. teaching. listening.

oh Lord please teach me. help me, to get quiet time. and to get quiet time here as well--it's so hard to find the quiet i need, just to rest in You. to be a quiet place continuously. to live with a gentle and quiet spirit.

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Anonymous said...

k bets, you didn't tell me you had a blogger! jessy didn't tell me she had a blogger! i have a tumblr so. anyway, i've stumbled upon your lovely self. anyway mine is www.shipsea.tumblr.com
love you. ps i think your font is really small.