19 December 2008

starbucks coffee is

not nearly as nice as the coffee from gatehouse. but i knew that already. i just remember today after having a gingersnap latte.
other than that... i'm in the job market again. woohoo. funfunfun i know right.
i'm going to go for a walk in the snow now before the darkness falls. and then i'm going to make some dinner for my daddy and me. and then i'm going to watch a film. is it really weird to be in a lord of the rings mood? because that's what i'm going to watch. and this Christmas i feel like keeping the tree for months. it's just so nice.
i like reading the Bible because then i know what to think. i know that i haven't been close to Jesus very well if i don't really know what to think.

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Anonymous said...

No, Betsy. You don't even know... I honestly was in a two semester long LOTR mood, and I begged Charlie to take me to the house to watch it, and he declined... EVERY TIME!!!!! UGH. I mean honestly!

Your last two sentences were cute.