07 March 2009


i've started this book (from the classics section at la libraire) called The Member of the Wedding. Which i of course selected because of the reference to any and all things wedding related. But unfortunately it's not terribly interesting and i've discovered typos which really set met off a book. I seem to have no luck finding a good book; either the one i select is graphically sexy (which God knows I don't need) or just plain boring, or poorly written or a combination of all three which is not to be bourne. Rubbish.
It snowed again tonight. This winter has been chock full of snow.
I remembered all over again that I am in love with hip-hop. Call me crazy, but I won't lie. I chauffered the children of the teacher I work with to her daughter's dance competition and so we sat through an hour and a half of dances and my favourite by far were the hip-hop ones. I've said I'll take tap lessons when I'm rich and have time on my hands and I think I'm adding hip-hop to that as well. haha!
God is good. I had this breaking moment one of my sick days this week and it was so good. I thought I would drown in tears and snot but God refreshed my soul in the middle of despair. Praise the Lord, who does all things well.
27 days till I return to the homeland and my two (or ten) bestest friends ever!

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Jessy said...

So you must explain to me why you are coming over in the first place!!!
Oh my goodness me it was so lovely today Betty, I might just be tanned when i see you!
Oh my gosh you have no idea...go to trader joes and get some powdered chai, drink it while eating a peanut butter cookie, and then a oatmeal raisin one and you'll feel about 2% of the contentment i feel right now, and anticipation for seeing you and oh i should have just written an email....GUH!