19 September 2010

the very essence of our nature is desire

But someone will ask, "Should I not desire dinner? Should I not desire a job? Should I not desire a spouse? Should I not desire the child in my womb? Should I not desire a healthy body or a good night's rest or the morning sun or a great book or an evening with friends?"

And the answer is no—unless it is a desire for GOD! Do you desire dinner because you desire God? Do you want a job because in it you will discover God and love God? Do you long for a spouse because you are hungry for God and hope to see him and love him in your partner? Do you desire the child and the healthy body and the good night's rest and the morning sun and the great book and the evening with friends for God's sake? Do you have an eye for God in everything you desire? (See Colossians 3:17; 1 Corinthians 10:31.)

from john piper.

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J said...

I have been touched and inspired by your posts and love for God. We serve an awesome God! I was not intentionally looking for this blog but stumbled upon it and read exaclty what God wanted me to know at this time. Thank you for letting your words flow and for showing the world what an awesome God we serve!