12 January 2011


check out these photos of haiti, one year later.
that little four-year-old orphan boy breaks my heart.


Qawlan Saqeela said...
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Qawlan Saqeela said...

Hello, I love how your so into your religion it really shows that you care about faith & the belief in God. I don't know you but I want the best for you in this life and the hereafter, & check out this video just so that your clarified about jesus a bit more.


please don't take this video in the wrong way, like how your educating everyone on your blog; I want to share some information with you aswell.

have a great day !

Nancy K. said...

Break your heart, yes. But how about doing something right here in the U.S. for the Haitian refugees who have come here?
Volunteer to teach English classes. Contribute to Food Banks and Thrift Stores where immigrants and refugees shop. Donate, Donate, Donate, stuff that these folk cannot buy with food stamps.
Just don't think about it, do it.

Feel~The~Fire said...

So sad... that's all i can say. :(

guccihandbagsoutlet said...
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Future EMT said...

it does brake your heart and mine i went last year and i saw this little boy that was about 4 years old and i got so attched to him i was hard to leave to come back home cause i loved him so much as he was my own child