13 October 2011


Justin Taylor posted this from Russell Moore:

Children shatter your life-plan. Adoption certainly does.
It’s worth it.
But Jesus tells us we ought to know that a king going into battle must measure his troops, a tower-builder must count the expenses of the project (Lk. 14:28-31). Those who see adoption as a warm, sentimental way of having a baby are mistaken and dangerous. There are far too many who plunge in without counsel, without a commitment to fidelity no matter what. They search around for a baby who fits their specifications. And babies never fit your specifications…at least not when they grow up.
If what’s behind all of this isn’t crucified, war-fighting, eyes-open commitment, you are going to wind up with a child who is twice orphaned. He or she will be abandoned the first time by fatherlessness and the second time by the rejection of failing to live up to the expectations of parents who had no business imposing such expectations in the first place.
We need a battalion of Christians ready to adopt, foster, and minister to orphans. But that means we need Christians ready to care for real orphans, with all the brokenness and risk that comes with it. We need Christians who can reflect the adopting power of the gospel, which didn’t seek out a boutique nursery but a household of ex-orphans who were found wallowing in our own blood, with Satan’s genes in our bloodstreams.
If what you like is the idea of a baby who fulfills your needs and meets your expectations, just buy a cat. Decorate the nursery, if you’d like. Dress it up in pink or blue, and take pictures. And be sure to have it declawed.


Chantelle said...
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Chantelle said...

I had never really seen adoption this way, I never really thought about what those adopting would be thinking. I do agree with you though, you have to be fully committed to adopting the child for who they are not what you expect of them. Otherwise you are set up for disappointment from the beginning.

shula said...

i enjoyed reading your post, adoption has been one of my biggest desires since i was a child. i am fully aware of its challenges and i pray that if God oneday blesses me with an opportunity to do this i maybe fully equipped and ready.

John said...

So true, your post. I have adopted two and love them both dearly but they are work at times, really hard work. You know next to nothing about their biological parents so have no 'clues' as to their personalities, inclinations, etc. It is a great adventure to find out and love them for who they are, not who you expected them to be.

canadianchika said...

As an adoptee and someone who desperatly wants to see children in peremenent families, knowing thier real issues and challanges, it pleases me when christians seek to adopt, but the adoption is not the end of the story, the church, the christian community needs to provide a safe enviroment for these special children, and a support system for the parents.


lily joy said...

being any parent is difficult and I agree that too many people go into adoption trying to "pick" the perfect one...I also think they go into adoption b/c they want to "save" the child but aren't always sure about being a parent. I think you have to want to be a parent and add to your family. Also such nitpickiness can lead to disappointment which is terrible for parents and child!