06 January 2012

These paintings, these poems and these demonstrations which we have been talking about are the expression of men who are struggling with their appalling lostness. Dare we laugh at such things? Dare we feel superior when we view their tortured expressions in their art? Christians should stop laughing and take such men seriously. Then we shall have the right to speak again to our generation. These men are dying while they live, yet where is our compassion for them? There is nothing more ugly than an orthodoxy without understanding or without compassion.
- Francis Schaeffer, The God Who Is There.
via Vitamin Z.

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Hugo said...

Hi Betty. I have been reading a few of your blog posts and I just wanted to say that I find your compassion and optimism for life to be quite uplifting.

The last post, about superiority among people in relation to art was very interesting. I have an interest in art and culture to the same extent that everyone does, whether they know it or not. The art and culture of our society impresses itself upon us all no matter who we are or what our beliefs- the beliefs of others do the same thing.

Even if we do not believe in God or any religion or idea or moral, we are still influenced and sometimes manipulated by the impressions and impacts created upon us by those around us who do believe in such things.

I didn't stumble upon your blog by accident, I read it as I think that you might also be interested in continuing a discussion on my blog.

You may not be aware yet, but there is a new phenomenon sweeping parts of the web. It is very ambiguous and mysterious, but the messages that have been transmitted are very interesting and it is creating lots of excitement on the web and in certain circles of society.

It's ambiguity is where my blog comes in. It is a space where the questions and theories of this phenomenon can be discussed and scrutinised, and where those excited by this new viral campaign can try and solve the mystery of what it is, and whether it is really as relevant and interesting as it promises to be. It is still not known whether it is a political party, a philosophical idea or even a movie campaign!

Anyway I think that you would enjoy participating in the early discussions of this phenomenon, as you continue to demonstrate on your blog your willingness to see things from different perspectives, and to understand new ideas in a more optimistic and spiritual sense than most people- We would really appreciate and value your input to our discussions.

Many thanks, and keep up the good blogging:)