20 October 2012

le 20 octobre 2012

I should be working on my Cézanne paper for art history. 

1. From Jonathan Dodson's post over at the Resurgence:
The gospel is good news whether someone perceives it to be good to them or not. But the only reason we know is because we experience its grace-saturated goodness in our everyday lives. We know the gospel is good, not just in theory, but in the experience of suffering, parenting, dating, working, and so on....The trouble, of course, is that there are so many people who don’t know the power of the gospel like you and me. They don’t know how the gospel is good news for them.
2. 'Five Tips for Authors Who Also Happen to Be Mothers' from Sibella Giorello, an author I happen to know. 
3. And thanks to Sibella for a link to here, an article about a book and a Pringles analogy.
4. Soundtrack.

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