26 May 2012

notes 26 may 2012

1. This blogger talks about why she doesn't make her son share.
2. This quote below from Jonathan Dodson via Desiring God encouraged my heart so much. 
 Prayer is about love not about lists. It is about drawing near to God, not about impressing God. It is about enjoying his grace not enduring guilt. In fact, our genuine guilt for loving something altogether more than we love the Father is gone in Christ. God so loved us that he sent his only Son to be cut off in death so that we might be wonderfully united with him in life. Prayer is a response to the Father and the Son; it is a warm reaction to what they have together done for us. Prayer is communion with God, a cementing of souls together in a common delight, in this case, a delight in God and his grace towards us in Christ. It begins and continues with honest words about our loveless lives, our guilt-ridden approaches to prayer, and a shameless embrace of God's reckless love and grace.

I love this definition of and reminder about gospel community. Via Vitamin Z.


Genskie said...

i think she has a point on that.. and i totally agree with her idea

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